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Answers You Need

Where do you get your foraged leaves?

We forage our teas in every state of New England!

Do You Have Intern Positions?

Yes! Please contact us in the member chat!

Should I consult a physican before trying?

Yes! Alternative medicine is great however your health is super important! Its always important to consult your Healthcare provider before trying as there isn't much scientific evidence besides the journal articles we research. You should also do your own research on the risks of each plant besides our website. 

No state or federal authority licenses herbalists in the United States, so this information is for educational purposes only. Everyone’s body is different, so the remedies on this website may or may not apply directly to you. We hope that they’ll give you some good information to think about and to research further.

Good health is your own personal responsibility. The final decision when considering any course of therapy, whether it’s been discussed on the internet or prescribed by your physician, is actually yours.

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