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Periwinkle Liquid Extract – Standardized is a liquid blend of Periwinkle extract and Propanediol produced through a unique manufacturing technology.

Periwinkle Liquid Extract is obtained from Catharanthus roseus, an herbaceous plant that is native to Madagascar. Periwinkle is known for its versatility in folk medicines across many cultures and its beneficial uses reach back to the middle ages. With a rich concentration of antioxidant alkaloids, Periwinkle Liquid Extract offers soothing and astringent properties to balance and cleanse the skin while pampering it with a soft and gentle touch. This extract is a popular addition to skin brightening products to enhance a glowing energy. It is also an excellent addition to eye care products to help maintain firm looking skin with a supple bounce in this delicate area.

With a plant-based origin, Propanediol is a biodegradable and petrochemical-free solvent that is NPA approved, making it an excellent corn sugar-derived alternative to petroleum-based Glycols for hair- and skincare formulations. It offers benefits and functionalities that include improved emollience, enhanced viscosity, non-irritating properties, exceptional sensory characteristics, clarity, and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, among many more.

The characteristic color of this botanical extract imbues natural cosmetic formulations with its innate hue. This means that the product colors that were formerly possible to obtain only through the use of artificial and often objectionable constituents can now be achieved through plant-based ingredients that impart not only their beneficial, skin health-enhancing properties but also their individual natural colors. It is strongly recommended that small batch trials be conducted to determine the dosage required to achieve the desired shade imbued by the extract.

The original color of Periwinkle Liquid Extract – Standardized is light brown to dark brown; however, there is a possibility of this color changing, depending on the formulation to which it is added.

Periwinkle Topical Treatment

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